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Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 (Tugas 2)

Nama  : Danang Prawibowo
NPM    : 21211707
Kelas   : 3EB08

Subject - verb agreement is an agreement between a verb with the subject in number, namely: singular (singular) or plural (plural). The subject can be either a noun, pronoun, or other constructions acting as a noun, such as the gerund and the infinitive. Basically, the singular subject (single subject) uses a singular verb (singular verb), whereas the plural subject (plural subject) uses a plural verb (plural verb).

  1. Singular : she/he/it use verb ies/es/is
  2. Plural     : they/we/i/you use verb 1

·          Each dan every
Untuk kalimat yang diawali “ Each / Every “ diikuti dengan “ Singular Noun “ lalu “ Singular Verb“.
Example :
1.     Each of my brothers is here (
2.     Evry sleep in the hotel was very comfortable

·          Prepositional phrase
Subyek dengan frase preposisional, kata kerja atau kalimat tunggal / jamak harus setuju dengan subjek kalimat, bukan dengan objek preposisi.
 Example :
1.     The impressive car in this exhibition is interesting
2.     The car price at those showroom is expensive

·          Gerund phrase
Frase yang terdiri dari gerund ditambah dengan objek dan modifier . gerund phrasejuga berperan sebagai nomina dalam kalimat .  dalam membuat kalimat bila subjek gerund (verb ing) maka verbnya harus singular .
Example :
1.     Reading in the dark room is not good
2.     Drinking mineral water is good for your body

·          “ some of “ , “ a lot of” , “most of” , a half of
Bisa menjadi singular , bisa juga menjadi plural hal ini tergantung pada noun-nya .
Example :
1.     The sugar is to make coffe
2.     Most of our assigment is hard

·          “ Each of”, “one of” , “every one of”
Pada kalimat selalu diikuti “ Plural Noun” dan Verb-nya Singular.
Example :
1.     The number of guests in attendance is 300 people.
2.     A number of tourist are going back from vacation.
The number of plural ---> jumlah ( singular verb)
A number of plural    ---> sejumlah ( plural verb)

  1. The subject you will be studying in this course. (is, are) listed in sylabus.
  2. The profesor & the student (agree, agress) on that point.
  3. Almost every profesor & student at the university (approves, approve) the choice of the new president.
  4. Why (was, were) yoko & alex late for the meeting?
  5. Some of fruit in this bowl (is, are) rosten.
  6. Most of movies (is, are) funny.
  7. Half of this money (is, are)
  8. A lot of clothing in those store (is, are) on sale this week
  9. The number of employee in my company (is, are) approzimately ten thousand
  10. Why (was, were) some of the student excused from the examination?

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