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Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 (Tugas 1)

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Softskill Bahasa Inggris Bisnis 2 (Tugas 1)

Choose the best answer and give an explanation about your answer
1.       The large carotid artery ____ to the main parts of the brain.
(A)   Carrying blood
(B)   Blood is carried
(C)   Carries blood
(D)   Blood carries

Alasan :
A. Tidak tepat
B. Past tense
C. Akhiran kata konsonan
D. Tidak sesuai sama sekali

2.       Mark Twain _____ the years after the Civil War the “Gilded Age.”
(A)   Called
(B)    Calling
(C)    He called
(D)   His calls

Alasan :
A. Karena bentuk kalimatnya adalah past tense
B. Present tense, tidak sesuai kalimat
C. Menjadi ada 2 subyek di kalimat
D. Tidak sesuai dengan bentuk kalimat

3.       _____ radio as the first practical system of wireless telegraphy.
(A)   Marconi’s development
(B)    The development by Marconi
(C)    Developing Marconi
(D)   Marconi developed

Alasan :
A. Bukan subyek kalimat
B. Bukan subyek kalimat
C. Bukan subyek kalimat
D. Merupakan subyek kalimat

4.       The earliest medicines _____ from plants of various sorts.
(A)   Obtaining
(B)    They obtained
(C)    Were obtained
(D)   They were obtained

Alasan :
A. Present tense
B. 2 subyek di satu kalimat
C. Past tense
D. 2 subyek di satu kalimat

5.       Pluto’s moon, Charon, _____ in a slightly elliptical path around the planet.
(A)   Moving
(B)    Is moving
(C)    It was moving
(D)   In its movement

Alasan :
A. Merupakan kata kerja yang sesuai
B. Penambahan kata bantu tidak sesuai
C. Bukan past continous
D. Tidak tepat sekali

6.       Robert E. Lee ____ the Confederate army to General Grant in 1865 at the Appomattox Courthouse.
(A)   Surrendered
(B)    He surrendered
(C)    Surrendering
(D)   Surrender

Alasan :
A.       Sesuai dengan be ntuk kalimat past tense
B.       Menjadi ada 2 subyek di kalimat
C.       Bukan tipe continous tense
D.      Bukan present tense

7.       In the Stone Age, stone tools _____ with other rock materials.
(A)   Polishing
(B)    They polished
(C)    For polish
(D)   Were polished

Alasan :
A. Bukan tipe past tense
B. Past tense, tapi menjadi 2 subyek kalimat
C. Tidak sinkron dengan kalimat
D. Past tense

8.       The first steamship to cross the Atlantic ____ Savannah, in 1819.
(A)   Was the
(B)    It was the
(C)    The
(D)   In it the

Alasan :
A. Tidak ada kata ganti
B. Ada kata ganti
C. Hanya kata bantu
D. Sangat tidak sesuai

9.       The first plant-like organisms probably _____ in the sea, perhaps 3 billion years ago.
(A)   Life
(B)    Living
(C)    Lived
(D)   It was living

Alasan :
A. Bukan tipe past tense
B. Tidak masuk dengan kalimat
C. Past tense
D. Bukan past continous tense

10.   Air near the equator ____ a faster west-to-east motion than air farther from the equator.
(A)   To have
(B)    It has
(C)    Has
(D)   Having

Alasan :
A. Penambahan kata bantu to sebelum have tepat
B. Ada dua subyek
C. Kata ganti yang salah
D. Kata ganti saja

11.  ____ quickly after an animal dies.
(A)   In the degradation of DNA
(B)    Degrading DNA
(C)    DNA degrades
(D)   For DNA to degrade

Alasan :
A. Bukan subyek kalimat
B. Merupakan subyek kalimat
C. Bukan subyek kalimat
D. Merupakan bentuk obyek

12.  _____ is famous as the home of the U.S. Naval Academy.
(A)   Annapolis
(B)    Because of Annapolis
(C)    Why Annapolis
(D)   Because Annapolis

Alasan :
A. Merupakan subyek kalimat
B. Merupakan kalimat jawaban
C. Bukan kalimat Tanya
D. Bukan jawaban atau penjelasan

13.  .  _________ the deepest valleys and canyons on the Earth.
(A)   In the Pacific Ocean with
(B)    In the Pacific Ocean
(C)    The Pacific Ocean
(D)   The Pacific Ocean has

Alasan :
A. Subyek + kata depan tidak sesuai
B. Kata benda (posisi) + subyek tidak sesuai dengan kalimat
C. Hanya subyek saja
D. Subyek + kata kerja kepemilikan

14.  In the United States, the participation of females in the labor force              from 37 percent in 1965 to 51 percent in 1980.
(A)   It jumped
(B)    Jump
(C)    Jumping
(D)   Jumped

Alasan :
A. Kata ganti sebelum kata past tense
B. Present tense
C. Future tense
D. Karena merupakan kalimat bentuk masa lalu (simple past tense)

15.  ______ the second most common metal in the earth’s crust, and it always occurs in combination with other substances.
(A)   Iron
(B)    Iron is
(C)    With iron
(D)   With iron is

Alasan :
A. Subyek saja
B. Subyek + kata bantu, sesuai
C. Kata depan + subyek
D. Kata depan + subyek + kata bantu

16.  Although knives and forks _____ of prehistoric origin, spoons are relatively new.
(A)   Are
(B)    They are
(C)    Are they
(D)   Which are

Alasan :
A. Kata kerja bantu
B. Menjadi ada 2 subyek
C. Menjadi ada 2 subyek
D. Kalimat tanya

17.  ____ lived on Earth for nearly 150 million years.
(A)   Dinosaurs
(B)    Dinosaurs who
(C)    If dinosaurs
(D)   Since dinosaurs

Alasan :
A. Subyek kalimat
B. Subyek +kata bantu
C. Kata hubung + subyek
D. Kata keterangan + subyek

18.  _____along most of its length into an upper chamber and a lower chamber.
(A)   The divided cochlea
(B)    Dividing the cochlea
(C)    The cochlea is divided
(D)   With a divided cochlea

Alasan :
A. Bukan subyek kalimat
B. Bukan subyek kalimat
C. Merupakan subyek kalimat
D. Penambahan kata bantu diawal tidak tepat

19.  When _____ the conference?
(A)   The doctor attended
(B)    Did the doctor attend?
(C)    The doctor will attend
(D)   The doctor’s attendance

Alasan :
A. Kalimat past tense
B. Ada dua kalimat tanya dalam satu kalimat
C. Merupakan kalimat simple future tense
D. Ada kata benda

20.  To Mike ____ was a big surprise.
(A)   Really
(B)    The party
(C)    Funny
(D)   When

Alasan :
A. Kata keterangan
B. Merupakan obyek kalimat
C. Kata sifat
D. Kata Tanya

Correct or incorrect, revise and give an explanation about the error and you answer

21.  Each day practiced (practices) the piano for hours.
·          Ini hal yang selalu dilakukan, present tense.

22.  The directions to the exercise on page twenty unclear.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

23.  During the (a) week eat lunch in the school cafeteria.
·          Penempatan the sebagai kata bantu tidak tepat.

24.   In the morning after concert was tired.
·          Pagi setelah konser, past tense. Kalimat sudah tepat.

25.  During the meeting in the office discussed (discuss) the schedule.
·          Kalimat ini present tense.

26.  Everyone must leaves (leave) the room immediately.
·          Leaves adalah daun.

27.  I could sat on the beach for hours.
·          Kalimat past tense dan sudah tepat

28.  She will asking (ask) you many difficult questions.
·          Setelah penggunaan –ing harus kembali ke verb1.

29.  The new movie is receive good reviews.
·          Sudah tepat, karena kata bantu untuk kata benda adalah is.

30.  We took a new routes to the beach house.
·          Simple present tense, kalimat sudah tepat.

31.  They helped she (her) with the work.
·          Kata ganti kepemilikan dia (perempuan) adalah her.

32.  Her (she) and Bob came over to visit me.
·          Kata ganti ia (perempuan) she.

33.  She lent it to you and I.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

34.  We offered she a place to stay.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

35.  The soup needs more salt because he does not taste very good.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

36.  The girls ran too fast and she fell down.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

37.  They sold the car to you and I.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

38.  I told his (him) the truth, but he didn’t believe me.
·          Kata ganti ia laki laki, him.

39.  You and she should look for they (them).
·          Pengganti mereka dalam objek adalah them.

40.  Martha was happy when she (her) boss gave her a pay raise.
·          Kata ganti kepemilikan perempuan adalah her.

41.  Just between (an) our, I am not sure if we can trust them.
·          Kurang kata pengghubung.

42.  The travelers lost our (their) way in the storm.
·          Kata ganti kepemilikan mereka adalah their.

43.  Please tell your brother that me (I) need to talk to him.
·          Saya sebagai subyek adalah I.

44.  The boy got the box and his (he) opened it carefully.
·          Kata ganti ia laki laki adalah he.

45.  If my friend calls, please ask them to call back later.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

46.  Me and my friend are taking a trip.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

47.  Our neighbors are going with you and I.
·          Kalimat sudah tepat.

48.  Ghea explained that her (she) and her sister had often eaten at that restaurant.
·          Kata ganti ia perempuan adalah she

49.  The students are allowed to ask questions when she (they) doesn't understand a problem.
·          Kata ganti mereka adalah they.

50.  Do you know Ben and her (his) wife?
·          Kata ganti kepemilikan laki-laki adalah his.

Menganalisis satu soal menurut absensi kelas sesuai yang diperintahkan, yaitu :

9.    The first plant-like organisms probably _____ in the sea, perhaps 3 billion years ago.
(A)  Life
(B)  Living
(C)  Lived
(D) It was living

Alasan :
kata yang hilang adalah verb dan kalimat dalam bentuk lampau karena “years ago”
    A. Bukan kalimat past tense
    B. Termasuk kalimat present tense
    C. Benar karena kata “lived” Past tense
    D. Tidak sesuai karena ada kata ganti dan present tense

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